All I can say is ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’ This past week has been so hectic! I’ve had quizzes to take, projects to turn in, and my first TVM package to produce. The good thing is that I don’t have classes on Friday, so I get to use today to finish everything and prepare myself for next week.

I am excited though. I did well on my first quizzes for my liberal art classes, and I finished an analysis paper for my Communication Graphics class. I found it interesting, and I can’t wait to start designing my version of a rate card for The Wood Word this upcoming week. Not only do I get to do that, but tomorrow (9/28) I get to film Family Weekend, which Student Activities Crew (SAC) is hosting, for yet another news package for TVM. Then I get to edit it! It’s really exciting for me.

I also got to create my own radio promo this past week, which was beyond fun! I got to play around on different software and make my radio personality shine through. I can’t wait to create more audio throughout the semester.

Well I’m off to finish some homework. I’ll talk to you later!

-Kenzie 🙂

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