Production Day

Sorry I’m a few days late! I’ve had a busy week so far, which means I have a lot to fill you in about!

I filmed another TVM package this week on an event that was going on around campus and Thursday I went to see a Journalist, Sebastian Junger, who gave a lecture at The Scranton Cultural Center. It was an fun experience.

As I said last time, I don’t have classes on Fridays, so that’s my day to finish all my work for the upcoming week. This weekend, I prepared myself for the first production day for The Wood Word. It’s our first print edition and it is pretty exciting. My weekend has consisted of posting the stories to the web, doing the staff profiles and finally doing my homework for my classes.

Production day was a tad hectic with all the sections trying to get their stories done. I, on the other hand, got fully trained in how to do the website! I added upcoming calendar events, slideshows, learned how to add links and a few other things.

I’m thrilled that I can finally do more now than just adding stories!

That’s all for this time. I promise I won’t forget about you all this upcoming Friday!

-Kenzie (:

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