Take a stand

This week has been full of bittersweet moments. My first semester of sophomore year is basically over, which I can’t believe. While I’m having so much fun with being at school, I just can’t believe that it’s going by so fast.

Yesterday was the last TVM of the semester, and it went really well. Everyone was great and it was an amazing end for the semester. While it was sad to be the end, it just made me excited to start again next semester with our current staff and even some new faces. I have been so happy with the experience that I’ve gained so far this semester and can’t wait to continue learning.

Something else happened last night, and this hit home for me. Last year, in Comm Theory, I watched a documentary called Miss Representation, about how the media portrays women. I think it’s a film that everyone should watch, regardless if you categorize yourself as a feminist or not. Anyway, I saw this video posted on YouTube last night:Bittersweet

Things like this really get to me. If you watch in the video, you’ll notice especially, in news outlets, that women are treated quite terribly by their male counterparts and objectified on their looks and emotional states. It motivates me though. I am a woman entering this field and I know things like this will happen to me. It’s the job of the people entering this field who will have to work to change it. I encourage you all, whether feminist or not, to take a stand and become aware of the way women are portrayed in the media.

With that, this is my last post this semester. Next week are finals and then break begins. I will see you all next semester!


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