TGI the end of the semester!

So as you all know, the holidays are quickly approaching! That means the semester is quickly coming to a halt. I don’t know if I’m more sad or excited. I’m going to miss all my friends, but catching up on sleep seems a tad more important.

This past week and upcoming week is all about meeting deadlines for projects, which can be very difficult! I’m trying my best though. This Sunday, I get to spend my night at Marywood editing my audio production project! My partner recorded himself reading a story, and I get to add sound and audio effects. It’s really cool, and that is the one class I’m going to miss the most next semester.

I’m currently in Middletown, New York, shopping for the holidays and it is really beautiful! I suggest everyone goes and takes a day at the Galleria and at the Woodbury Commons ( always fantastic deals)!

Well this is my last post for the semester. Hopefully a lot happens over break that I can fill you in on when we start blogging again in the spring. ‘Til next semester!

Happy Holidays.
-Kenzie (:

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