Go big or go home

So, it has been such a BUSY week! The semester is in full swing and I feel like I haven’t stopped in days.

People have been telling me that I have too much on my plate or that I’m “too ambitious.” Granted, I have gotten involved much more this semester than ever before, but I don’t see that as a problem. In my eyes,  there is no such thing as getting too involved.

I want to prepare myself to get into the workforce and the more versatile a person can be, the better they look to employers. So, I have started a morning radio shift. I am the News Editor of The Wood Word, the News Director of TVM News, and now I am a producer for Marywood’s future sketch comedy show. That project is appealing to me because I have always been strictly news oriented, but I do love SNL, so this is a taste of that.

In other news, I rushed for Marywood’s sorority, so I will keep you updated on the many things I have on my plate this semester.

P.S. I’M TWENTY NOW! That’s exciting, right?


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