A day for lovers? Nah.

Oh Valentine’s Day! A day to spend with your beloved one and do so many cute, romantic things!

Not for this girl. I have a hot date with some text books, notebooks, and then my job.

This last week has been one of my less stressful weeks, but still a tad stressful! I have most of my nights free, which I’m beyond thankful for. I’ve been catching up on sleep, work, and my task for the various clubs I’m in.

I’m having a lot of fun working with Vinny, another Comm Arts major, on our TVM packages. It’s a lot of fun, and we get our stuff done without a hassle, which is much more relaxing then relying on others.

So, you know how I was in that speech tournament a week ago? Well, we ended up placing 7th in the duo category and Marywood finished 6th overall! We were competing against about 10 other east coast schools, some with really impressive teams. We don’t have a team at Marywood, but we went for the experience. It was fun, and I would honestly do it all over again.

We have our first production day for the newspaper this Sunday! I’m sure I’ll be filling you in about it next week, so stay tuned!

-Kenzie đŸ™‚

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