My favorite semester

Hey guys!

This winter has been all but quiet. It feels like once one snow storm passes, another one is right behind it. Well, at least for the past two weeks it’s been like that.

It feels so weird that Spring Break starts next Friday. I truly can’t comprehend where the time has gone or how quickly it has passed.

I have a few midterms next week. Thankfully there aren’t any that I am truly worried about.

This has been my favorite semester yet. I am taking all communication arts classes this semester. I am focusing in Journalism, and I am double minoring in Digital Media and Advertising/Public Relations. This semester, I have classes in all of my tracks, and while it is challenging to manage a schedule of five three-hour classes, I really can’t complain. After all, I am doing what I love.

Still, I really can’t wait for 6 a.m. next Friday, when I am boarding my flight Myrtle Beach for a little R&R!

Have a safe and warm week,

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