Last week a few of my fellow comm arts students and I, traveled to NYC to attend and present at the College Media Association annual spring convention.

The convention was a lot of fun, but it was also very informative.

Scott Pelley from CBS News delivered one of the keynote addressses. He was great and touched on a lot of important issues involving honesty and fairness. As he said, “If you’re blasted by both political sides as a journalist, you’re probably nailing your job.”

I also attended a Career Blogging session with writers from Buzzfeed. The Buzzfeed writers offered us a lot of amazing tips on blogging and why it’s so important. One of the writers said you have to see your blog as an investment in your money and time because blogging is a great way to show initiative.

With personal blogs, you just have to find your niche–things you are interested in and always talk about–and then find your voice. That’s how you’ll become successful. However, as long as you’re putting your name out there and you’re saying interesting things, you’re doing it right.

I also presented a session at the convention as well.


Check out my very official speaker badge!

The session I presented was called “Social Editing: Using Facebook to improve your content.” I presented with my fellow comm arts students Evan and Vinny and our professor/adviser at The Wood Word, Dr. Wotanis. Our session explained how we at The Wood Word use Facebook for editing our content, and how it has helped to improve not only our content but also our writing skills, teamwork, and communication.

Overall the CMA convention was a great learning experience for me, and I’m glad I got to attend such an amazing conference.

But, the fun is officially over. I have a lot of school work to catch up on and projects that aren’t going to write themselves.

Chat next week,
– Satara(:

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