Shedding some light

This semester has been nothing short of hectic ,and this week is shaping up to be more of the same.

I have two tests, three quizzes, and news and feature stories to write for my Comm 224 class.

In my Comm 224 class, which is Electronic Newsgathering Seminar, we are doing a report on the economy in Northeast Pennsylvania. Every person in the class has been tasked with a different issue regarding the economy in NEPA. I have been specifically focusing on jobs and the lack thereof, including the recent cut of Federal emergency unemployment compensation (ECU). This project has been a huge undertaking and involves a lot of components including a news, feature, and group story.

Although this project is a lot of work, I’m so glad to get to shed some light on the local issues my classmates and I addressing. You can check out my journey with unemployment here and also read about a lot of other great things my class is working on.

Unfortunately, I have to start studying.

Chat next week!
– Satara

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