Out and about

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! And fortunately for me I got to spend it outside…doing school work, of course.

Autumn, my friend and fellow comm arts student, and I were working on a video for our Comm 224 class. As I’ve told you, for this class we have been separated into groups and each group is focusing on a different aspect of the NEPA economy. My group and I are focusing on jobs.

For our group project, we deiced to make a video pamphlet highlighting the best parts of Scranton and showing people why they should want to move their business to our lovely city!

Autumn and I had so much fun filming this, and I can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s complete.

But there is something I’d like to share with you all right now…Kenzie and I got an A on our presentation! It was nice to wrap up our last Media Management project on a high note.

Chat next week!
-Satara (:

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