Loose ends

With the semester quickly approaching it’s end (3 weeks!), I have been working on multiple projects at once, which has been very exciting.

Today I had a full plate. We filmed our first sketch for our comedy show, and it was such a great experience.

We had so many kids involved with shooting and acting, everyone pitched in. Ernie (one of our teachers) even acted in it! I don’t want to give TOO much away, but he plays a crazy professor. As a producer, I learned so many things about delegating and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. It has just reinforced my want to be a producer some day. We are editing next week, so I will have a video up before the semester ends and I will make sure to share it here for you guys to see!

This evening, I will be going to Scranton to cover a 24-hour protest going on that Marywood students are involved in. The event is called ‘Stand for Freedom’ and it is in protest against slavery around the world. It is being held in Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton and seems like an important issue to shed some light on. We are covering the event for both The Wood Word and it’s the first time I’ve ever covered a story like this. I think it will be an interesting story for a multimedia piece.  I will keep you guys updated.

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