Guest Post: News From The COMMunity

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post written by Mr. Paul Sevensky, M.A., co-director of the Ad/PR program and adviser to The COMMunity, the new Comm Arts department newsletter.

We’re proud to announce the debut issue of The COMMunity, an electronic newsletter devoted to the people, achievements and events of Marywood’s Communication Arts Department. You can find The COMMunity at this link:

The initial issue was produced as part of the senior capstone project of Caitlyn Custer (Ad/PR, ’14), assisted by a group of student contributors and faculty you’ll find listed on the issue’s back page. Thanks to all those who gave their time and talent to the researching, writing, design, editing and distribution.

We plan to publish an edition of The COMMunity each fall and spring semester, and we welcome any comments you might have. We’ve designed the publication to appeal to several distinct audiences in the Comm Arts family, with the information presented serving to draw everyone closer together.

  • For our Comm Arts alumni, we’ll use the newsletter to keep them in touch with new developments in the department and hope that alums will share their latest news so we can include class updates in future issues;
  • For our current Comm Arts students, The COMMunity will be both a source of information about the department and its graduates and another “hands-on” opportunity to develop professional skills (and practicum hours) by working on future issues; We’ll be posting a schedule for publication and a call for staff contributors at the start of each semester.
  • For our faculty, the newsletter will tie together the activities of all the Comm Arts programs and keep faculty up-to-date on alumni;
  • And for prospective students, The COMMunity will support the efforts of the student bloggers of Frame Your Future in telling the story of what it’s like to be a Marywood University Communication Arts major and the exciting career opportunities available in a fast-moving field.

Thanks again to all those who made the first issue of The COMMunity a reality. We hope you enjoy it and the issues to follow in this upcoming academic year.

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