Last semester, I worked with The Scranton Cultural Center to produce a news story for a class blog. The Scranton Cultural Center was once a masonic temple, but today it is best known for housing local theater productions. The building is considered a historic site, and its architecture is definitely something to see.

After speaking with the Center’s executive director, Michael Melcher, last spring, I felt strongly about doing whatever I could to keep the building up and running. It seems as though each winter the temperatures get more and more extreme, which takes a toll on the building’s structure. Funding for structural repairs has been difficult on the non-profit organization.

As soon as I learned of a promotional project for my New Communication Technology course this semester, I suggested that my group and I work with the Scranton Cultural Center. They  were all immediately on board after seeing the building’s interior, so I got in touch with my previous contact, Mr. Melcher.

He was just as excited as I was to see what type of work our group could do for the Cultural Center. Melcher put me in contact with Stephanie Santore, graduate student in communication arts at Marywood who now works at the Cultural Center. She and I have been focusing the project and brainstorming new ideas.

Our intention is to hone in on Harry Connick Jr’s “The Happy Elf” production, which makes it debut this December. As a group, we are in the process of creating a blog to showcase articles, photographs, and video material designed to inform and attract interest in the production. This particular performance is really exciting not only for the Cultural Center but for Scranton. The Scranton Cultural Center is cultivating the production and the majority of the talented cast are from the area.

On Sunday, I attended “The Happy Elf” cast meeting to acquire information for the class project. It was really interesting to see all the inner workings, especially because not many people, besides the cast and crew, are involved at this point.

I am thrilled that the Scranton Cultural Center allowed my group and I to have this opportunity. We are able to have a front row seat to a big event in Scranton’s history. Our intention was to help the Scranton Cultural Center with promotion efforts, but as we continue to work together, I think they might be helping us more than we are helping them.

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