Video 101

Many freshman that enter into the Communication Arts department start out their first semester with Video Production I (along with a Video Production Lab) as one of their classes. When I first got my schedule in the mail at home, this is the class that I was most excited about. After all, video production is one of my biggest interests, which ultimately led to me choosing the Communication Arts department and the Digital Media major.

After a few weeks of taking the class, I’ve learned a tremendous amount and have been able to improve on my video producing / editing techniques.

The first week was very informational. We learned a lot about the theory of video production. For example: what each member of a production crew does, what each part of a video camera is used for, and what different camera angles can do to enhance a production.

Then, in just the second week, we began working on our own productions. The lecture is more informational in nature, while the lab allows us to work on our projects and develop our video production skills. We learned how to use Final Cut Pro 10 to most effectively edit our videos together, and soon began working our first project.

Our first project was a Picture Essay. Basically, we had to tell a story using only photos and music. We had to make the video look smooth with transitions, crop the images to fit widescreen aspect ratios, and make sure that all the picture cuts were aligned with the music we chose. I enjoyed this project a lot because we had total creative freedom to make any kind of video we wanted to. We could choose our own music, our own images, and edit it in any way we liked.

For my project, I chose to use photos of nature that my friend, Jake Elko, took. I love his work, and I felt that I could tell a story that cycled through the four seasons using his photos. I set the images to one my favorite songs, “Coffee and Keys” by Deer Leap. I worked on the project for a long time until I felt it was perfect, then I turned it in. Below I have included a link to the video, which I uploaded to YouTube.

Currently, we are working on creating a news package video, which also grants us some creative control. We get to choose any topic we’d like to cover, interview people around campus, and create a package that effectively gets a point across and shows the opinions of Marywood students. I have not picked a topic for certain yet, but I am thinking about covering a range of apps that have risen to popularity this year, and getting feedback from students about how they like (or dislike) these apps.

Here’s my picture essay. I’m going to continuously post updates and new videos that I’ve made throughout the semester so be sure to check back!

See you next time,


Photo by Jake Elko

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