Fall is here

Hey everyone!

Fall is definitely here. It’s exciting for me to see the change because last year, I was still living in Daytona Beach. During mid-October, I could still see the heat coming off the roads as I drove. I missed the leaves changing, and the chill in the air. I’m not too excited for winter. I definitely need a warmer wardrobe by then.

Recently in my Video Production 1 class, we spent the afternoon outside learning about how to operate the video camera and how to do different lighting techniques. It would have been a pleasant lesson if we hadn’t been attacked by bugs.  Still, I learned a lot about how to set up the camera equipment for outdoor interviews. Also, in my Video Production 1 class, we are finishing up our first major project of the semester.

We all made Photo Essays, which are videos of different pictures set to correspond with a certain topic and song. I’m really pleased with the way mine turned out! My topic was the struggles of stress, set to the song ‘You Were A House On Fire’ by Listener. I’ve done several video editing projects on my own time, so it was fun and easy to put together my Photo Essay. All I need to do is add the final touches, and I can hand it in.

Midterms have taken their toll these past two weeks, but it’s all over now. Phew!


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