Busy Bee

Hey everyone!

You would think that being on campus for only one day, and only three classes would be an easy week. You would be wrong just like I was.

I flew to sunny Orlando, Florida to visit my sister over Fall Break. I don’t have classes on Fridays, so I knew that once I wrapped up last Thursday, I was home free for a nice, extended Fall Break, which was Oct. 13-14!

One thing I was really excited about–I finally handed in my Career Plan in my Communication Theory class last week. This was a project that I had been working on for most of the semester, so it was a great feeling to finally hand it all in completed. During Communication Theory, we worked on our scripts for the next big project in the class. We all are teaching theories we learned in class by making videos to demonstrate them. I’m excited to see how our final product will come out because our script is pretty great.

Then, I spent all day Friday calling local businesses to see if they were willing to donate baskets for The Wood Word’s upcoming fundraiser. Our Friendly’s Fundraiser is on Monday, October 27, and I found out on Friday that it is no easy task to get people to donate. I’m pleased that I got three donations already from all my hard work, and I am waiting on responses from others.

It was a crazy week for only having classes one day, but I got a lot accomplished.
– Erin

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