Full circle

The theme of my blogging for Frame your Future has been mostly about my growth at Marywood, and and I think it’s because when you hit junior year you kind of noticed that things come full circle.

Last week, Zeta Phi Delta held fall recruitment. This was an amazing opportunity for girls who are interested in our sorority to come meet us and see what we’re about. The even crazier thing is I was one of those girls last year, and it feels like it was 10 minutes ago.

This year, our recruitment theme was based on the Disney movie “Finding Nemo,” and we had wonderful activities to get to know all of the girls. We had some ice breaker games and some fun skits to perform, and then we just got to get to know all the girls on a more personal level. The purpose of the event was to get them excited to rush in the spring.

But, more importantly, it was an opportunity for the girls to see if they think that Zeta Phi Delta is a good fit for them. It was a fun week, and I was so happy to be a part of it on the opposite side. It really does feel like I’ve come full circle.

I’m excited to get to know these girls and to go through the rushing process as a sister because I know what joining the sorority has already done for me.

It’s all good things happening here at Marywood!

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