Job Roundup

People often say that media jobs are hard to get. You have to know people or look in the right spots. Each week, I post job’s for current students, alumni, or just anyone with a communication arts degree who stumbled across our blog. With a little bit of research, you can find a multitude of jobs!

If you are interested in some of the ones I find, make sure to check them out and to keep looking at the blog for information!

The Los Angeles Kings are looking for a Coordinator, Production and Content Manager

Viacom Media Networks are seeking a Media and Music member for their licensing team

Kohler is looking for a Video Producer

The Port of Long Beach is looking for a Managing Director of Communications

BuzzFeed is currently looking for a Staff Writer in San Francisco

Colony American Homes is looking for a Content Editor

WXIA-TV, an NBC affiliate in Atlanta, is looking for a Multimedia Specialist

Caterpillar is looking for a Marketing Communications Consultant

Pandora Radio is looking for a Account Manager

Geary LSF is looking for a Media Coordinator

These jobs are located all over the map! Check them all out, and good luck! I’ll see you next week with 10 more jobs!


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