Jobs Roundup

It’s that time for yet another week of jobs. This week, we will focus our jobs in the Mid-West!  Chances are if you are looking to get away from your home town and not wanting to pay ridiculous costs of living in a city, these will benefit you!

1. WRTV is looking for a  Investigative reporter

2.WSBT TV is looking for a Multimedia Journalist

3.Our Health is looking for A Director of Communications

4. Idea Stream is looking for a Managing Producer

5.WCPO is looking for A Web Editor

6. LocalVox media is looking for A Managing Editor

7. Tri Health is looking for A Multimedia Editor

8. Golden Belt is looking for A Communications Director

9.Intouch Solutions is looking for A Social Media Manager

10.DEG is looking for A Digital Copywriter

Be sure to check out next week for more job posts.

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail--mackenzie_dsc7190Mackenzie Warren is a junior digital media major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s managing The Wood Word’s website, Learn more about Mackenzie here.

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