Saying Thanks

Recently, Comm. Arts student Brandon Melo made a video called “Saying Thanks To Pat.” You may have read Irene’s blog post about it yesterday. I talked to Brandon about how the project came about, what his goals for the project were, and how it turned out. Read the interview below:

1) First, tell me a little bit about your role in the Communication Arts department. Which organizations are you most involved with and what do you do?

I’m really involved in TVM and The Wood Word, where I’m the Package Director and Assistant Multimedia Editor respectively. As the Package Director, I basically make sure that everyone who is involved in making news packages is doing their part to contribute toward the final product, as well as help people with whatever questions about the process they might have. For The Wood Word, I make videos based on written stories, as well as help the Multimedia Editor with whatever needs to be done.

2) Recently, you made a video called “Saying Thanks To Pat.” Can you tell us about the idea for the video and how you went about making it?

One day after a Wood Word meeting, Dr. Wotanis approached me about making this video for Pat since she was retiring. The idea was that people sit or stand in front of the camera and say whatever kind words they wanted to say to her before she left. I immediately agreed to it, and I managed to send out a mass e-mail to all the Comm students and faculty letting them know that I was making this video, and that they could sign up for it by either e-mailing me or signing up outside of Ernie’s office.

3) Was it difficult keeping the video a secret?

Keeping the video a secret was no trouble at all. I have to commend everyone who was involved for not spoiling the surprise; it’s really not an easy thing to do.

4) Can we see the video anywhere yet?

The video will be put on the Comm Arts YouTube page soon, probably within the next week or two.

5) How was the editing process for the video?

For me, a lot of my inspiration comes once I begin to sit down and edit. Even though I have a rough picture in my head while I’m filming, it often comes to life in either a much more clear form than I originally thought, or in a way that is much different than I had originally planned for. For this video, once I began to listen to people’s clips I noticed that a lot of people had very similar things to say, despite the fact that I gave no direction as to what to say besides “Thank you, Pat.” Once I noticed that, I thought it would be more interesting to cut everybody’s “thank yous” and create a basic message through little bits of each clip. Once I got past the challenge of how it would be laid out, the toughest part was choosing music.

6) What made you want to make the video?

I wanted to make the video because I’ve seen how hard Pat works, and I figured that someone who had been consistently working that hard for 31 years really deserves something nice to remind them that their hard work is truly meaningful to those around them. A lot of people were really emotionally invested in their thank you message, and would be kind of stressed out in a way before they figured out what to say. To me, that alone shows that Pat and her work are incredibly valuable to this department, and to the people who get to work with her each day.

7) Is there anything you want to add?

It really was an honor to be able to make this video, and I’d like to thank Dr. Wotanis, Dr. Lawrence, and Dr. Mirabito for giving me the opportunity. I also want to thank Ernie and Kim for being my second set of eyes on the project, and for making my life 100x easier throughout the process. Thanks for the questions!

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-jonah_dsc7220Jonah Kramer is a freshman digital media major. In addition to blogging for Frame Your Future, Jonah is a disc jockey for 91.7 VMFM and an audio technician for TV-Marywood. Learn more about Jonah here.

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