Baskets of Happiness

Hello everyone,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I am sure that most of you will spend it in good company of your family and friends, enjoying a nice homemade meal, or mealS, depending on how much your family loves cooking (and eating!).

I know that I will be doing the exact things that I have just listed (including the mealS part), but I also know that my PRSSA/AAF chapter will have made it possible for another family to enjoy those same traditions this Thanksgiving.

In fact, all of the members of the chapter have donated money for the “Adopt-A-Family” holiday project, which is an effort to bring baskets full of all of the ingredients needed to make a Thanksgiving meal to local families in need.

As the person in charge of the Service Committee, I took care of buying all of the products necessary to make a delicious meal, and I displayed them in two nice baskets. Then, on Saturday, Nov. 22, I delivered the baskets to the family that has been assigned to my organization through the project.

I have helped out with this project last year as well, and I cannot describe the happiness it brings me; seeing the gratitude that these families show toward us and the project makes me feel even more grateful for my life, my family, and friends.

This project, among with many others, reflects the efforts that Marywood University, and its organizations, put into community service.

I personally love being part of a community that cares so much about the ones in need, and I will continue to stay truthful to our school’s mission of service to others.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the blessings in your life!



Irene Torresani is a sophomore advertising and public relations major. When she’s not blogging for Frame Your Future, she’s serving as vice president for Marywood’s PRSSA and AAF chapters.

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