Jobs Roundup

This week has been a very odd week. I was waiting to look for an internship, and then I found myself using our other blogger Satara’s posts, and some good friends, to help find me one. I was looking around online too, but a lot of what I discovered were job postings. Naturally, I emailed myself the links so I could share them all with you! Hope you enjoy!

1. WTKR is looking for a Multimedia Journalist who can make people feel something with their talent!

2. SAIC is looking for a Web Content Manager to join their team!

3.The City of Marysville is looking for a Media Relations Officer to keep their city up to date with everything happening!

4.Pressed Juicery is looking for a Videographer

5.Red Bull is looking for a Sports Communication Specialist to join their high energy team!

6.Viewpoint Construction is looking for a Multimedia Designer

7.The City and County of San Francisco is looking for a Media Production Specialist

8.Nordstrom is looking for a Regional Marketing Specialist

9.The Marketing Arm is looking for a Associate Creative Director

10. Spitball Advertising is looking for a Junior Account Executive

Mackenzie Warren is a junior digital media major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s managing The Wood Word’s website,

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