Jobs Roundup

This is my last post for this semester, and my only comment is that it has flown by! I can’t believe I have posted jobs for the past 15 weeks, and now I am finally done for the semester! Time flies when you’re being helpful to people! So without further adieu … my last 10 jobs for the semester!

1.Times Warner is looking for a Breaking news writer.

2. Book Builders of Boston is looking for a Associate Editor.

3.UPMC Cooperate Specialists is looking for a Communications Specialist.

4.Nickelodeo and Viacom are looking for a Picture Editor.

5.New Leaf literary and Media is looking for a Film and TV Assistant.

6.Twentieth Century Fox is looking for a Production Assistant.

7.WinnCompanies is looking for a Marketing and Communications Manager.

8.Havas Media is looking for a Social Media Director.

9.Bright Idea is looking for a Agency Marketing Specialist job.

10.Star Tribune is looking for a Advertising Coordinator.

Well that’s it! I hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday season! See you next time.

Mackenzie Warren is a junior digital media major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s managing The Wood Word’s website,

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