Last week didn’t really feel like a week at Marywood. We had a snow day on Monday and a delay on Thursday. Now this isn’t a significant amount of time lost, but it still makes the difference, especially since I don’t have classes on Fridays.

In every Comm Arts class I had this week, we discussed the Superbowl. Being an Advertising/ Public Relations major, I figured that it would be a big discussion topic in class. What I didn’t realize was just how significant an impact those commercials would have not only on the other students in my class, but also on every viewer of the Superbowl.

In Advertising Copywriting, taught by Professor Sevensky, we analyzed and discussed the Nationwide advertisement where a young boy states all the things he can never do because he is dead.

This commercial caused quite an impact, resulting in parodies and many memes. But, while watching the Superbowl, I missed this particular commercial along with the Half Time Show. Thank God for YouTube. Otherwise, I would have never been able to see that train wreck of a controversy.

I really enjoyed being able to dissect the advertisements from the Superbowl. I enjoyed doing that before I was an Ad/PR major, and now I feel like I can pinpoint exactly why a commercial could have an impact and what demographics would most likely respond each commercial.

Though I’m more of a baseball fan, I’m looking forward to the next Superbowl and the next round of great and horrible commercials.


Erin Murphy is a sophomore advertising and public relations major. She transferred to Marywood just this year. When she’s not blogging, she’s serving as assistant business manager at The Wood Word.

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