Making connections

Well, Howdey Do Da Day! My last blog post is featured on the Marywood website!

The Graduate Assistant of International Affairs reached out to me last week, and asked if she could share the link to my previous post about studying abroad in Paris.

Of course I was happy to say yes!

As of right now the plan is for the International site to post a link to my Frame Your Future post, and then after the trip they will update the link to my personal blog for a follow-up post.

I’m excited about it. You learn pretty quickly as a blogger to jump on any offer you get for someone to share a link to your site. There are so many bloggers out there, so promotion for your site is huge.

I’ve had a handful of blogs that I’ve abandoned because of minimal page views.  When the analytics of my site are too disheartening to look at, I usually throw in the towel. I warn any of you blogger start-ups, this is not the way to go about blogging.

I started my current blog, Sassy Native, over the summer. I quickly gave up, and got an email in the fall about a spike in the sites views. For all I know, the sudden interest in the site may have been from my mom but regardless of who it was, the interest got me back to posting.

I’m glad I went back. Of all the sites I’ve had, Sassy Native does fairly well compared to the others.  I’m nowhere near blog stardom, but I have learned a few tricks of the trade along the way.

Here are some pointers:

1. Consistency is key. Let your audience know that you are loyal to the site, and interested in frequently updating it.

2. Never binge post. It sets up your readers to expect way too much of you. It is also a sure sign that you don’t really know what you are doing.

3. People like pictures. Personally, I don’t like text heavy posts so I always try to add some sort of photo that ties into the topic I’m speaking about.

4. Don’t try to be anything that you are not. Writing is personal; it’s obvious when you aren’t being authentic. Just be real.

5. If you get stuck on what to post– stop stressing over it. Idea’s will come to you when you least expect it. Also, free writing before posting can help to sort through all your thoughts.

So if you are a blogger, keep plugging away! And to all those bloggers and non-bloggers reading, help us out and share our links. We promise to give you a shout out if you do.

Did I mention– you all should check out Marywood’s International Affairs link? 😉

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-juliette_dsc7207Juliette Meyers is a senior broadcast journalism major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s serving as Arts & Entertainment editor for The Wood Word, or blogging over on her personal blog Sassy Native.



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