Music director

Over the past two weeks, I was trained for my new position at VMFM 91.7 as a music director. This position holds a lot of responsibility, as I will be in charge of filtering through hundreds of CDs every month, and picking which ones should be on the station.

It is important when choosing the music to make sure that it fits the format of the station, that it is free of any FCC-banned words, and most importantly, that it is quality music. While every CD sent to the station has something different to offer, not every CD is right for the station.

While the position does require a lot of work and time, I am looking forward to it for a number of reasons. Mainly, I really enjoy listening to new music and hearing artists I have never heard before. I’ve already discovered a good amount of bands just through playing them at my radio shifts, so I’m looking forward to discovering even more.

Another reason I’m looking forward to the job is to gain experience talking with music promotion companies and working in radio related matters.

For my training, I learned a lot about the theory behind being a music director, specifically for 91.7. It is very important to pick music that fits the sound of the station, and not to veer too far off in other directions.  It is also important to give everything a fair chance, and not give special treatment to artists that I may already know and like.

After I learned about the theory, I learned about the more technical side of things. I learned how to use the programs to upload music and put them into separate categories, which is very important. I also learned how to chart music to the College Music Journal every week, which is another part of the job.

I’m very excited for this new job and the possibility of being exposed to lots of new music. I will be starting next week and will report back in a few weeks with how the job is going.

See you next week!

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-jonah_dsc7220Jonah Kramer is a freshman digital media major. In addition to blogging for Frame Your Future, Jonah is a disc jockey for 91.7 VMFM and an audio technician for TV-Marywood.

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