Job Roundup

This week, the weather seemed to warm up a bit (from 5 degrees to 20). So naturally spring and summer are on my mind! This week’s jobs are focused around the hot, summery, beachy areas! Hopefully these jobs can ease your wintery mind and make you look forward to Summer and Spring!

1. HNTB is looking for a Junior Communications Specialist

2. Embraer is looking for a Specialist in Media Relations

3. Lucasfilm is looking for a Creative Executive

4. Supply & Demand is looking for a Director’s Assistant

5. Tinder is looking for a Social Media Associate

6. BH Media is looking for a Advertising Account Executive

7. Mobi is looking for a Marketing Associate job

8. Sandia National Laboratories is looking for a Technical Writer and Editor

9. LDS Church is looking for a Project Manager

10. The Tribune Company is looking for a Photography and Editor

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail--mackenzie_dsc7190 Mackenzie Warren is a senior digital media major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s managing The Wood Word’s website,

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