Last week was jam-packed with school work and Wood Word work. The Wood Word finally had its long awaited TGI Friday’s fundraiser this last Thursday. And I have to say that Thursday was the busiest day for me last week.

I started off the day by coming in early to arrange the name tags for the baskets in the Basket Raffle. It didn’t take too long to get the baskets, the bags, and the flyers all ready to go so that later, the baskets could just be put in a car and sent to TGI Friday’s to get set up.

Next on my Thursday agenda, I attended my News Writing course where I had to hand in my transcriptions of interviews about the upcoming Marywood production, Measure for Measure. Going after interviews was fun because it was really great to see how much each interviewee cared about the play. I was worried for a while that I might not get all three done in time, but it worked out fine.

Next, I had two more classes, both of which required three different writing assignments.  I ended my day on campus by visiting with the IHM Sisters about advertising with The Wood Word.

As soon as my day on campus was done, my designated time to watch the raffle table at TGI Friday’s had come. The fundraiser was a huge success. We made $329 on the basket raffle; we’re still waiting to hear what our take will be for the food vouchers. The fundraiser was a lot of work, but it always feels worth it in the end. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us.


FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-erin_dsc7210Erin Murphy is a sophomore advertising and public relations major. She transferred to Marywood just this year. When she’s not blogging, she’s serving as assistant business manager at The Wood Word.

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