What break?

In a fortunate turn of events, I have never had to take a Friday class. It’s one of the perks of making your own schedule; you get to give yourself long weekends. So, at the end of class yesterday, my Spring Break started. If you remember me telling you about the brisk Scranton weather, the title Spring Break is a little ironic.

At the end of the school day last night (9 p.m.), I hopped in a car with my friends and headed to Boston for the weekend. Boston might not be the best place to go for a nice spring getaway, but I have never been before so I am excited to explore the city for the next three days.

It’s almost hard to believe that Spring Break is here already. The first half of the semester has flown by and has been filled with exciting projects and an amazing first issue of The Wood WordAs a Comm Arts major, this break does not mean that I get a week off from school work, but simply that I have extra time to work on projects. So, as soon as I am back from Boston, it will be back to work.

For my Broadcast News Writing class, I am working on a news package about the efforts different departments on campus are making to engage with prospective students about life at Marywood. The Art Department also has a blog, which I have made a video for before. I plan on going back to interview ceramics major Emma Pilon about her experiences writing for the blog.

I am also working on a short documentary for my capstone journalism course about students on campus who have formed a chapter of Project HEAL, which is a national organization to help people in recovery from eating disorders. Their personal stories of strength inspired me to tell their stories and to educate people on the severity and frequency of eating disorders.

I am excited to be taking on these projects. I’ll be sure to share them with you.

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-brigid_dsc7198 Brigid Edmunds is a junior broadcast journalism major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s serving as multimedia editor for The Wood Word and as news director for TV-Marywood.

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