Fall plans

Hello everyone!

I’m back after a rejuvenating Spring Break! Unfortunately for Scranton, the first day of spring brought some unwelcome snow along with it. Spring weather is [almost] here.

Coming back from Spring Break, I now have to make my schedule for next fall, which will be the beginning of my senior year, which is CRAZY to think about! The past three years, I have stayed on top of my Comm Arts classes and general required courses and haven’t taken many electives. The upside to this is I get to take fun classes that interest me and expand my skills even further.

One class I am particularly excited about is an advanced film class taught by Dr. Lawrence, who is extremely knowledgeable about film and production. As a journalism student, I never thought about expanding my basic knowledge of video, but I honestly can’t wait to learn anything and everything I can.

I am also thinking about taking a few Ad/PR classes next year to give me a well-rounded Comm Arts education. I am also hoping it will give me a bit more options for jobs when it comes time to apply next spring.

It’s nerve-wracking to think that it’s almost the end of junior year, but it’s exciting at the same time!

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-brigid_dsc7198 Brigid Edmunds is a junior broadcast journalism major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s serving as multimedia editor for The Wood Word and as news director for TV-Marywood.

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