Happy Valley?

I’ve had a lot of new adventures these past couple weeks.

I spent Spring Break in Paris and this past weekend in State College. Penn State didn’t hold a candle to Paris, but it’s definitely a campus worth seeing.

On Saturday night, my friend/ fellow comm. major, Pat Kernan, and I ventured out West to spend Sunday exploring the Happy Valley (as the locals say) with some friends.

What a cool campus to visit! It’s huge compared to Marywood’s close-knit campus here in Scranton.

But for me a visit was all I needed. Big schools are not for everyone, and I know they aren’t for me. I like my little Marywood family just the way it is.

Having professors who know me by name and being friendly with everyone in my department beats the allure of a big campus any day. We’ve got a good thing going for us here!

Pacer pride never dies!


Juliette Meyers is a senior broadcast journalism major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s serving as Arts & Entertainment editor for The Wood Word, or blogging over on her personal blog Sassy Native.


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