The Wood Word wins seven SCJ National Awards

Congratulations to The Wood Word staff on seven Society for Collegiate Journalists National Contest Awards!

The Society for Collegiate Journalists is a National Society of Collegiate Mass Communications. It is the nation’s oldest organization designed solely to serve college media leaders. SCJ has approximately 100 active chapters nationwide and 1,200 members.

First Place

South Campus raises questions
Judge’s comments: “This editorial is well-written, well thought out and makes a compelling case about why university officials should explain to students why the South Campus sits dormant, except for Halloween. This type of editorial epitomizes what a college newspaper editorial page should be doing. It is the voice of the students and this editorial represents the students well in compelling campus officials to explain why the South Campus is not being used.  Excellent job.” – Rick Stewart, editor/publisher of Johnstonian News Inc.

Second Place

Overall Newspaper Excellence (less than weekly)
The Wood Word

News Story
Campus protest stirs controversy, leads to learning moments
Autumn Granza and Brigid Edmunds

Breaking or Hard News
Winter weather poses hassle for finals week
Patrick Kernan and Paul Capoccia

Multimedia Sports Story
10 Questions with an Athlete: Kelly Chadwick
Brandon Melo and Evan Felser
Judges’ comments: “The interview background was fairly clean but moving her a few more feet would get rid of the distracting light in the upper right hand corner. The video from the volleyball game was clean, steady and everything you needed was in the frame. The music could be toned down because it took away from the interview.” — Danny Damiani and Alex McNamee, Herald & Review

Third Place

Multimedia News Story
Past and present veterans honored at third annual ceremony
Autumn Granza, Brigid Edmunds, and Brandon Melo
Judge’s comments: “This piece was good with nice attention to detail.   Be sure your graphics are readable, keep the microphone out of the shot (or use a boom or a lavalier microphone), and have your subjects address the camera more.” — Doug Krejci, President, Accent Media Incorporated

Column of commentary (tied for Third Place)
He said/She said: Should slang terms be added to dictionaries?
Patrick Kernan and Lindsey Matylewicz
Judge’s comments:This is another example of an effective and fun use of point-counterpoint. Many times, male/female columns are about sex and dating, and they tend to devolve into trite or cliche territory. But this topic was delightfully nerdy, and the writing style was snappy and informative. I could find points from both sides on which I could agree. Languages are alive, words have meaning, and dictionaries are our definitive depositories of words. So it is important to pay attention what words are added to dictionaries. This point-counterpoint adroitly reminded us of that duty.” – Ben McNeely, Time Warner Cable News

Honorable Mention

Companion Newspaper Website Overall Excellence

*Note: This post was updated on April 13. We were notified that The Wood Word won a seventh award in an additional category that had been withheld until judging could be completed.

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