Jobs Roundup

Hello! I hope everyone had an awesome Easter and a good but very short break! Over my break, I was making plans to go on different trips this summer and one place that seemed like a big tourist attraction and place that gets noticed a lot is Disney, Florida in particular. So, I did some investigation. I wanted to know if Florida and the surrounding areas are actually a big hit for jobs. Plus, my brain is in Summer mode :).

1.Bright House Networks is looking for a Digital Media Producer

2.Bonnier Corp. Is looking for a Managing Editor

3.WKMG is looking for a Reporter

4.NBC Universal is looking for a Art Director

5.Fox Television is looking for a Production Tech

6.COX Automotive is looking for a Advertising Consultant

7.Mojo Brands Media is looking for a Media Sales Professional

8.Walt Disney is looking for a Communications Manager

9.NBC Universal is also looking for a Online Media Coordinator

10.Hilton Located in Orlando is looking for a Marketing Manager

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail--mackenzie_dsc7190Mackenzie Warren is a senior digital media major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s managing The Wood Word’s website,

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