Lip Sync Battle

In case you guys haven’t seen or heard, there is a craze sweeping Marywood’s campus.

Students and teachers have been pitted against each other in an epic war of lip sync battles. It all started over Spring Break when Wood Word staffers Pat Kernan and Alex Weidner decided to make a lip sync video, which is gold if you ask me.

Well, Dr. Wotanis and Dr. McMillan of Winky Face made a response video while at a conference in Florida. This has sparked an all out battle of epic proportions that has no apparent end in sight.

Last week, WinkyFace dropped its latest video, a lip sync to the song ‘Vogue’ by Madonna, which hit it out of the park! I love this video so much. It’s amazing, and I think Pat and Alex are going to have to step it up if they want to stand a chance in this competition.

The best part of this is that both teams are keeping their music choices secret so the others don’t know what’s coming.

It’s awesome that students and teachers can use their skills and expertise to do something fun in the middle of a hectic semester that students across campus can enjoy.

I’m excited to see what comes in the next few weeks from both sides. If you guys haven’t been following, be sure to keep an eye out! I’m in the next WinkyFace video, Round 3. (Check out the picture above, taken at our recent video shoot, and stay tuned!)

FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-brigid_dsc7198 Brigid Edmunds is a junior broadcast journalism major. When she’s not blogging for FYF, she’s serving as multimedia editor for The Wood Word and as news director for TV-Marywood.

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