Hello everyone,

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud because I might jinx it, but … I am too excited about the fact that spring has finally sprung!

Last week we finally had some real, warm spring days, and it was magical. We have all been waiting for a long time for warmer weather, and it is finally here. This change of temperature is also helping me keep up with my hard work as I tackle the last few weeks of classes.

I have scheduled all of my classes for next semester, and I am already super excited to start them. I will be taking Communication Graphics, Public Affairs, Business Ethics, Introduction to Astronomy (this should be a fun one), Spanish for Reading and Review, and finally my last practicum credit.

Next semester, I will also be President for PRSSA and AAF, as well as working as an executive board member of the Marywood Commuter Committee. I’m really excited about the Fall semester, but for now I need to stay focused and finish this semester with a bang.

Stay tuned,


FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-irene_dsc7196Irene Torresani is a sophomore advertising and public relations major. When she’s not blogging for Frame Your Future, she’s serving as vice president for Marywood’s PRSSA and AAF chapters. 



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