Finals Week by Pusheen the Cat

Hi guys,

Finals week is just around the corner, and so is the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it. Here’s are 19 stages of finals week as represented by Pusheen the Cat:

1. You realize that finals are only two weeks away.


  1. So you tell yourself you’re going to start studying the second you get home.



  1. But when you get home, you decide to take a nap instead.



  1. It’s okay though, because you still have a LOT of time left.


5. Then a few days go by, and you realize that you didn’t have as much time left as you thought.



  1. You try to pull all-nighters and coffee becomes your best friend.



  1. You manage to get some work done, until you get distracted by every single social media network.



  1. You decide that you need to buckle down and do some real work.


9. After what feels like hours of studying (45 minutes), you decide that you deserve a break.



  1. You realize that you still have a lot of work left to do, so you turn to food-binging to solve all your problems.



  1. The night before finals, you suddenly feel motivated because you know that we are all in this together.


  1. You may not have slept or showered the past few days, but you feel ready.



  1. It’s finally exam day.



  1. After taking your exam, you feel relieved, but you also feel like you got every single answer wrong.



  1. Over the next few weeks, you expect the worst.


  1. You reevaluate your career choice.

20121018-catster-pusheen-costume-1 b9ed022a9cd256e18bb1fbca5046495e   witch 20121018-catster-pusheen-costume-2

  1. Then the professor posts the exam grades, and you actually did better than you thought.



  1. You did it. You survived finals weeks!


  1. Now go have yourself a dance party!!



I wish you all luck on your finals!



FYF_Post_Page_Thumbnail-irene_dsc7196Irene Torresani is a sophomore advertising and public relations major. When she’s not blogging for Frame Your Future, she’s serving as vice president for Marywood’s PRSSA and AAF chapters. 

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