Did you hear?

This semester, I’m taking Audio Production. In that class, we make music, edit sounds, and record audio.  So far, we created a radio promotion and a fun “bad lip” read. The audio editing rooms in the new Learning Commons are not yet finished, but we still jumped right in to doing these projects.

Our first project was to create a 30-second radio promo. Our promos will likely be aired on the 91.7 VMFM radio station.  In this promo, we mention our deejay name, shift time, reason to tune in, and some music.  We each recorded our 30-second promo in front of the class then we brought our recorded audio into the editing room to edit, clip, and add sounds effects/music.

For this class, we are mostly using Apple’s Logic Pro audio editing program.  Fortunately, I have this program on my MacBook laptop, so I previously knew the basics on how to use it.  I personally love this editing software because it has so many options and cool features, and it’s one of the best audio production editing program out there.  There are over 300 digital instruments set into the program where you just press buttons and it plays the instrument’s notes!

My radio promo turned out pretty well.  It was a little shorter than the 30 seconds.  I know when you have a certain time budget, you must follow that.  For example, TV and radio commercials must follow the required time slot or their commercial will be cut off while being played.  Everyone’s finished radio promos also turned out pretty well.  Soon when the radio station is finished, be sure to tune-in on Mondays 6-8 p.m. on 91.7 VMFM to hear my promo and to hear me deejay!

This week we started our second project, which is to edit the audio from a TV show or a movie.  We are removing the audio from an episode of the ‘Game of Thrones’ TV show then replacing it with our own voices and audio. It’s just like a lip sync where the speaker looks like they’re saying something else. Here’s a video we used for inspiration:

Check back next week to see what other cool projects I’ll be working on.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Anne-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0527Anne is a sophomore Communication Arts major with a concentration in Digital Media. When she’s not in class, she’s a writer for The Wood Word, a deejay for 91.7 VMFM, and a member of TV-M.

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