Life Lessons

Why should students consider studying Comm Arts at Marywood, you ask?

Well, I’ve compiled a list of the top five life lessons that Communication Arts students learn during their time at Marywood. These lessons will help you succeed not only in the Comm Arts field, but in life, too.

1. Communication counts. Comm Arts students realize the importance of communication. Communication is key to life. Without communication, how can you make acquaintances or friends? How can you get anything you want without communicating?

As an Advertising Public Relations major, you must communicate and connect with the consumer to market products and services. In Broadcast Journalism, you must communicate to with the community and learn the news to report it.  With Digital Media and Broadcasting Production, it’s so important to communicate with your team to produce media programs.

Using good communication skills when you’re not in class or doing projects or clubs is beneficial for our own good. Without communication, relationships will your family, your friends, your boss, your spouse will likely not be worthwhile.

2. Technology is your friend. Comm Arts students understand the role of technology in everyday life. We do a lot with different technology. We learn how to use equipment, like cameras, microphones, lighting, tripods, designing programs, audio programs, and video/photo editing programs. As most of us are realizing, technology is advancing rapidly, and it’s something we use in our everyday lives.  By learning how to use it, it will be beneficial with any project or job you will encounter in the future.

3. Practice makes better (even if not perfect). We all do practicum, which is hands-on experience in clubs and projects within our major and for credit. Practicum is a hallmark of Marywood’s Communication Arts department because these experiences prepare students for real-life situations and jobs. If you want to work in a TV studio, for example, Marywood can help put your foot in the door from your freshman year.

4. First impressions count. That’s why we practice talking and performing in front of an audience, a lot. To be able to communicate clearly, we need to know how to articulate and pronounce each word, especially if you will be trying to sell a product on television, or deliver a news story on the radio.

5. Together, Everyone Accomplishes More (a.k.a. TEAMwork!) For the most part, Comm. Arts. students work together.  It’s a great life lesson to know how to clearly communicate with teammates when working on a project together. For the most part, at Marywood we all get along.

We may not always realize, but these five life lessons learned from the Comm Arts are used in our everyday lives. At Marywood, you get much practice with these valuable lessons that are actually used in our relationships and other work we may encounter.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Anne-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0527Anne is a sophomore Communication Arts major with a concentration in Digital Media. When she’s not in class, she’s a writer for The Wood Word, a deejay for 91.7 VMFM, and a member of TV-M.

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