Photography Fun

If you have artistic hobbies, Marywood is a great place to be. There are a ton of different activities to get to get into and instruments to get your hands on.

Personally, I like to take advantage of the camera equipment. As Communication Arts majors, we have the privilege of renting out DSLR cameras and various video cameras such as GoPros to either use for fun or school purposes. If you’re anything like me (a broke college student who is too broke to buy a thousand dollar camera) and love taking pictures in your spare time, you would jump at this opportunity.

We are very lucky to have access to all that we do in the Communication Arts department. We have everything from recording devices to high-tech cameras and tripods. In addition, our computers are updated and installed with the latest editions of the best video, editing, and audio software, allowing students to stay up-to-date with technology. This helps ensure that our skills build and enhance in sync with the digital media world.

Like I said, I love photography. It’s one of my passions and a lovely hobby, so I take full advantage of all that Marywood offers. Almost every weekend I rent out a DSLR camera to wander around downtown Scranton, or make plans to go hiking so I can bring it with me to capture the beautiful scenery.

I discovered my passion for photography at Marywood, and because of the accessibility of quality equipment, my skills have grown tremendously since I first started. I can get all the practice and experience I need.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Shayna--Post Thumbnail-DSC_0581Shayna Orr is a sophomore Advertising & Public Relations major. When she’s not in class, she’s writing articles for The Odyssey online and working as a deejay for 91.7 VMFM.

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