How About You?

In the past, media used to work only in one direction.

The content creators (journalists, filmmakers, advertisers, whatever) would release something, and the audience would have to deal with it, more or less.

But over the past years, with the meteoric rise of the Internet, that system works totally differently.

With Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, content creators are now able to instantly hear back from the audience regarding their opinions of the work, and are even able to have a dialogue with them.

As a content creator myself, I find this incredibly exciting. When I’m writing traditional news pieces, the possibility of getting new information from my audience is amazing. They can reach out to me about potential new sources, and I can end up with an entire new article from what they’ve told me. That’s invaluable.

Similarly, on my music blog (have I ever mentioned my music blog? I have a music blog. You can find it here), I accept suggestions of new albums to review from my readers. I’ve found some of my favorite music this way, and the dialogue that I have with my readers drives up hits.

The use of social media has become a main part of almost every single Communication Arts class I’ve taken at Marywood. And it’s also a main part of all of the media outlets on campus and their strategies. We’re constantly updating our Facebook and Twitter pages at The Wood Word.

So I want to turn this around on you. What do you guys think about the audience’s involvement in the media? Do you think your voice is important? Leave a comment either below or on Facebook.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Pat-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0598Patrick Kernan is a senior double major in broadcast journalism and English. He’s the Managing Editor at The Wood Word, a DJ for 91.7 VMFM, and an anchor at TV-Marywood. When he graduates, he hopes to work as a music reporter.

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