Rainy Days

Everyone has something that puts them entirely at ease. In my case, I am most content on rainy days. While most people find the rain to be depressing and gloomy, I find it to be cleansing. There is no sound more comforting than rain falling on a window in my opinion. I find that I do my best work as the rain pours down.

Last week as the rain streamed down, I got more accomplished than I have in the last month. First, I got ahead in my internship for It’s A Keeper, a Scranton based cooking blog. I put together the weekly meal planning articles and love to get ahead so that I’m not scrambling the day before to compile all of the content.

Next, I worked on all of my backlogged paperwork for Alpha Sigma Psi including room reservations, contact sheets, and event approval forms.

In addition, I worked on coordinating social media posts for The Odyssey Online at Marywood, ran through promotional ideas and mapped out peak times for our articles to be posted to guarantee maximum traffic.

I also drafted new content for Her Campus Marywood, promotional ideas and scheduled a Skype meeting with out sister chapter, Her Campus Xavier.

On the Academic Front, I prepared for an exam in my Political Science class, American Government and Politics. I also worked on applications for Spring and Summer Internships. You can never be to prepared in my opinion!

I also began research for my History 460 capstone project for next semester. I figure if I start researching earlier then maybe the 25-page paper that completes the course won’t be nearly as daunting. I opted to combine my two passions; politics and film and research McCarthyism, The Red Scare and Blacklisting in Hollywood.

Here’s hoping for more rainy days so I can get even further ahead with my assignments!

2015-16 FYF Bloggers-AJ-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0574Alexandra (AJ) Goebelbecker is a sophomore double major in Communication Arts and History/Political Science. When she’s not in class, she’s working for the Marywood chapter Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and serving as Editor-in-Chief of the HerCampus Marywood blog.

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