Study Perks

You probably already heard about the new Learning Commons at Marywood. If you have, you haven’t heard enough. We have major bragging rights. I mean, serious bragging rights. It’s unbelievable.

The building is beautiful from the inside out, and I honestly think it makes this campus come more alive. Ever since it opened, I’ve noticed a significant change on campus. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to go to the library. I know, it sounds weird but it’s true. It’s that awesome. Comm Arts students definitely love it the most though because of our facilities on the bottom floor. It’s like we have our own secret room(s) and gadgets, except it’s not really a secret because we go around bragging about it all the time.

The new library is the most lively place on campus. Everyone and anyone is welcome because there is always room. The building has three floors above the terrace and different rooms and settings for different uses. There are rooms specifically designed and set up for groups doing projects or presentations, with seating, whiteboards, and projectors to help them practice or study.

And there are all different types of seating throughout every level on each floor. There are divided desks all with outlets; cushioned seating facing the windows for someone who doesn’t want to feel blocked in while doing work; elevated tables and more. For those who need a certain environment to study or work effectively, you can find it in this building.

Comm Arts students are extra lucky though, because downstairs we have rooms specifically for us. We have swipe cards to access editing rooms when we have to work on an assignment for class, or we can use them just to use the software on the computers or study. We have meeting rooms for different clubs and organizations within the Comm Arts department, too. It really is great.

The Learning Commons has everything we need, so we pretty much live there. And we really don’t mind it all that much.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Shayna--Post Thumbnail-DSC_0581Shayna Orr is a sophomore Advertising & Public Relations major. When she’s not in class, she’s writing articles for The Odyssey online and working as a deejay for 91.7 VMFM.

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