Apertures Pt. 2

Earlier this semester I mentioned my enjoyment of analogue photography. Since then, I have been filling rolls of film with moments of my life and the lives of people around me.

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At this point, there is nothing convenient or practical about shooting photos on film. Buying and developing film is expensive, there’s no immediate way of checking the picture’s quality, and it is a mystery whether the shot even came out or not. Though these may appear to be inconveniences, they are what attract me to the medium.

Somewhere along the timeline of the past few years, it seems that we’ve developed a sense of entitlement toward instant results. WiFi taking five minutes to connect can induce a fit of rage. Slow responses to text messages are seen as a brutal tactic of psychological warfare. Information can be sent across continents in the fraction of a second. When it takes slightly longer because our cell service is weak, we feel wronged.

It seems that in no time at all, an innovation shifts from being something that is “amazing” and “cutting edge” to that something we feel wholeheartedly entitled to. I suppose I enjoy taking pictures on film because it makes me truly grateful for the fact that I can take pictures.

Junior Martin LambertMartin Lambert is a junior digital media major. When he’s not in class he spends time writing, watching films, making films, and enjoying music. He hopes to one day make a living through his passions.

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