Sugar plums

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time at Marywood. It is there that I have access to a GORGEOUS studio, high-quality equipment, and the newest editing technologies.

But Thanksgiving break couldn’t have come any sooner.

Although I love being a Comm Arts major, creativity is tiring. I needed some time to relax and prepare for the fast-approaching finals week. After quickly setting the thought of finals aside, I started dreaming of Christmas. These thoughts, however, were not of sugarplums dancing in my head.

(Okay, maybe they were for a very short time.)

December means taking artistic photos of ornaments.

December means taking artistic photos of ornaments.

I imagined the amber glow of a warm fireplace, lights twinkling on a Christmas tree adorned with gleaming ornaments, and delicate snowflakes landing softly on frozen stalks of grass. I thought about the table crowded with homemade food and surrounded by the love of a large family.  And the best part? I imagined making a video using this imagery.

At a time when most students were dreaming of sleeping in and being home for the holidays, I was figuring out different ways to practice my digital media skills.

I tried telling myself to relax, to stop thinking about school.

Then I realized something. Thinking about creating videos and editing clips was relaxing to me. I love being able to take little bits of action and mold them into a whole new shape.

So I put on my ugly Christmas sweater, turned up the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tunes, and kept dreaming.

Jes2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Jess-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0628sica is a freshman Comm. Arts major with a concentration in Digital Media. When she’s not in class, she’s Asst. Opinion Editor for The Wood Word, a DJ for 91.7 VMFM, and a member of the PRSSA/AAF. In her free time, she enjoys writing,  singing, and playing tennis, but not all at once.


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