So as you may or may not already know, this semester I’m studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Classes haven’t started yet, so I’ve had a lot of free time to go exploring through the city all week. So, obviously, that’s exactly what I did, and I took my camera with me (of course) to try and capture the magic with my lens.

I plan on taking plenty of pictures and videos (for YouTube) to share, so stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to come on this journey with me!

Though it’s been rainy since I arrived, the dreary weather doesn’t take away from the beauty of these cobblestone streets. Actually, the cobblestone look beautiful when their wet.

As I’m typing this, it is my fifth day here, and it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m actually going to be spending the next four months here. I’m still trying to comprehend it. I hardly know what to expect.

What I do know though, is that I am going to learn a lot from being here on my own, traveling, meeting new people, and just being here. I already feel like my eyes are starting to widen.

I was woken up this morning by loud, loud drilling and hammering in the wall because there’s construction work being done on the side of the building, but through these concrete walls everything sounds like it’s directly next to you … like in your ear, next to you. And when you combine that with jet lag, you don’t really get much sleep. It’s definitely going to take some times to adjust to!

You can also hear everything going on in the streets, and all the Italians indulging in conversation, which I don’t mind hearing all the time because the language is so beautiful.

The street I live on is very active all day and night, there’s a lot going on. There’s gelato shops (two of the best ones), sandwich shops, clothing shops, grocery stores, bars and restaurants. Every night is like a Friday night in Florence. Everyone is always out and about, and enjoying themselves it seems.

At night, music plays from both sides of the street and people are scattered around, sitting on front steps or standing outside of a shop talking (while holding a glass of wine), or walking around. It seems like my apartment is the center of all the fun!

I’m really lucky to be here, and have been located in one of the best spots in Florence. It is so lively here. I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of these cobblestone streets and to discover all there is to see and do.



Sophomore Shayna OrrShayna Orr is a sophomore Advertising & Public Relations major. When she’s not in class, she’s writing articles for The Odyssey online and working as a DJ for 91.7 VMFM. This semester, she is studying abroad in Florence, Italy.


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