This semester presents me with one of the most significant tasks of my educational career thus far: a senior seminar project.

This project is sending me feelings of both electrifying optimism and considerable stress. It is an opportunity to create a piece of work that I can truly invest myself into. It is to be presented to a group of people who I greatly admire and have helped shape me significantly. If all goes well, this will give me a project that I can hold on to for the rest of my life.

I’ve had so many thoughts on which channels to utilize in this project. I feel that I’ve developed a wide array of new interests these last few years, and I want to incorporate as much as I can into it. Ultimately, I decided upon producing a long-form video for some of the music my friends and I developed. I feel that this will provide a medium that covers a majority of my interests, from photography and editing to writing and audio production.

The project is meant to be a celebration of the knowledge and growth acquired through the years of studying communication, and I do not want to take it lightly. I’ll keep everyone updated as it progresses!

Junior Martin Lambert Martin Lambert is a junior digital media major. When he’s not in class he spends time writing, watching films, making films, and enjoying music. He hopes to one day make a living through his passions.

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