Mass Panic

Disclaimer: This is a fictional news story for your entertainment. The names used in the story are those of other bloggers, and the quotes are fictional. You may experience emotions, hopefully happiness, while reading this.

Missing pencils cause mass panic among Marywood Comm Arts students

BY Jessica Bonacci

Students Alex G. and Steph L. react to not having proper supplies

Students Alex G. and Steph L. react to not having proper supplies

A pencil started a chain of events that resulted in mass panic from Marywood University Communication Arts students.

A total of sixteen students were affected by the panic.

After losing her pencil, student Anne Z. asked her fellow reporter if she could borrow one. She never expected her classmate’s answer.

“He said he didn’t have one and was going to ask me if I’ll lend him one. We both had interviews to go to and needed to take notes,” Anne explained. “I was incredibly nervous at that point and needed to find someone with a pencil, or even a pen. Something to write with.”

Classmate Pat K. was unhappy with Anne’s lack of a writing utensil.

“It’s always handy to carry around extra supplies. I was angry at first, but then I realized I was also unprepared. We decided to ask someone else instead of freaking out over nothing,” Pat said.

Consequently, the two students asked fellow classmate McKensie C. if she could loan them something to write with. McKensie said she was shocked at the lack of preparedness.

“I was stunned that they weren’t prepared for their interviews, but then I checked in my bag and realized that I didn’t have anything to write with and also had to interview a student for an assignment,” McKensie explained.

The three students continued to ask for writing utensils until the number of those without them was sixteen.

Fellow pencil-less student Alex G. found a solution to the writing problem. After a quick shopping trip, she returned with three packs of unopened pencils and three packs of pens.

“It didn’t cost much, so I was happy to go out and solve the problem,” Alex said. “I think we can all take away from this that we should be prepared.”

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Jes2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Jess-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0628sica is a freshman Comm Arts major with a concentration in Digital Media. When she’s not in class, she’s Opinion Editor for The Wood Word, a DJ for 91.7 VMFM, and a member of the TV-Marywood crew. In her free time, she enjoys writing,  singing, and playing tennis, but not all at once.


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