New world on a rainy day

On the day that I’m writing this, last Thursday for you, I did something that I’ve been working toward since the first day I became a journalism major: I did my first real journalistic interview.

Now, of course, the word “real” in that sentence is by no means disparaging the work that I and others have done with The Wood Word.

I just mean it’s the first time, I’m getting paid for it. You know, that sort of real.

It was a rainy day. I’m pretty sure that my clothes will still be wet by the time you read this.

But, just like the mail, the news doesn’t stop for the rain.

The story for The Times Leader is part of a series of feature pieces on local businesses, focusing on these businesses’ impact on the community they’re a part. I got to talk to someone from Diamond Manufacturing, a steel perforation company, headquartered in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, with other branches across the U.S.

Now, of course, I don’t want to write the whole article out here. That’s for later. But what I’ll say here is that the interview went fairly well.

I’ve gotten my feet wet (and the rest of me too, thanks to the rain) in the world of journalism, and now I can’t wait to totally dive in.

2015-16 FYF Bloggers - Pat-Post Thumbnail-DSC_0598Patrick Kernan is a senior double major in broadcast journalism and English. He’s the Managing Editor at The Wood Word, a DJ for 91.7 VMFM, and an anchor at TV-Marywood. When he graduates, he hopes to work as a music reporter.

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