Seminar Pt. 2

Earlier in the year, I shared my thoughts on beginning my senior seminar project. The due date is rapidly approaching, and I’m nearing completion on the piece. I have many feelings on the creation of the project but I suppose that my overall mood can be summed up in a simple phrase: I hope it’s good.

The project is of some importance to me, academically, personally, creatively. I’ve found that there are times when one’s heart is not entirely in their work. The project may be rushed or done for a grade. This is something I DID NOT want to fall into that category. Thankfully, it did not.

I’m greatly looking forward to sharing a completed product on this blog. It’s not quite ready to enter the public sphere, but when it is, I hope that whoever is reading these words will take the time to see it. I feel the phrase “labor of love” is applicable.

The piece is very personal to me. I wanted to be as honest as possible to myself and to the place where my life currently is. In this sense, I’m satisfied. I only hope is that it can stir some emotion in a viewer. I hope it can leave an impression. We’ll see in a few weeks.

Junior Martin LambertMartin Lambert is a junior digital media major. When he’s not in class he spends time writing, watching films, making films, and enjoying music. He hopes to one day make a living through his passions.


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