Winding Down

Last week, I made the declaration that spring had sprung. The springing continues this week, and I can say that I’m thoroughly enjoying. Baseball season is in full swing, and although my Phillies could be generously described as sub par, having games on television and the radio brings some comfort to my life. The touchstones of spring are present. Temperatures are high, spirits are high, things are good.

My academic work is wrapping in a manner that is suspiciously clean. The caffeine-fueled, late night dates with Microsoft Word have been kept to a minimum. The soul-crushing realizations of “I can’t do it!” are nonexistent. It’s a dreadfully overused cliché, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Frustrations are at a minimum and any stresses are totally manageable.

It’s not often that you’ll find me in a state of unbridled optimism. I have a tendency to find some psychological hang-up to stress about, even in times of prosperity. As of this moment, there isn’t one in sight. Hopefully this sentiment will translate into the text and I can revisit this particular post when things begin to trouble me.

I hope everyone’s doing well.

Junior Martin LambertMartin Lambert is a junior digital media major. When he’s not in class he spends time writing, watching films, making films, and enjoying music. He hopes to one day make a living through his passions.

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